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5 Key Books Every Landman Should Own


Oil and Gas Law in a nutshell. This book focuses upon the legal rules that govern development of privately owned mineral rights in the United States. He has chosen that focus because most mineral rights in the United States are owned privately, though the federal and state governments own hundreds of millions of acres – approxately 30 percent of all mineral rights. Also , the rules for govermentally owned resources in the United States tend to be based on those private lands.  It covers topics such as the nature, protection, and conveyance of oil and gas rights, leasing, and taxation


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Petrolleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling& Production. ​In this popular text that has trained thousands in the petroleum industry for years, Dr. Norman Hyne takes readers through upstream operations--from how oil and gas are formed; how to find commercial quantities; how to drill, evaluate, and complete a well--all the way through production and improved oil recovery. He uses lots of pictures, graphs, and illustrations to aid readers in understanding topics and to provide necessary visuals.


Oil and Gas Title Examination by George J. Morgenthaler (Author). The preeminent textbook for the brand new title examiner. The important reference for the experienced attorney. The proper guide for each landman and division order analyst. Comprehensive but concise, wealthy in details and examples at each step. Contains dozens of helpful forms. This book is considered one of a form, shortly grew to become a tradition for title examiners.  "The best hands-on, step-by-step manual one can discovered for writing oil and gas title opinions-and to avoid many of the title examination stumbling blocks in doing so." --Jon Love, JD CPL, Love Land Services.


 Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases: A Book for Land Owners by [May, Mike]

This book was written to help Land Owners and Mineral Rights Owners negotiate Oil and Gas Leases with oil companies.

The Landman Lease and Title Manual is designed to impart upon the new and lightly experienced landman the essential skills and knowledge necessary to work in the oil and gas industry. The manual is not designed as a substitute for the traditional mentor-type learning characteristic of the oil and gas industry, nor is the manual a treatise on the law of oil and gas or land titles. The Landman Field Manual, rather, is structured to aid in development of essential title research skills and in understanding Texas oil, gas and land title law as it relates to the work performed by field landmen.

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