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You create value with YOUR PRESENTATION!

This can be accomplished with a professional look. Your Display is like a book cover, if you don't have a dynamic and attractive presentation then most serious investor will pass you by or  will assume you have nothing of great value . No, display lets Investor think your a desperate seller and  they could get a discounted rate.  You want investors to know you are selective in getting the right partner\buyer who is proactive and serious about buying \ investing in your prospect. Tell investors about  your prospects value and the potential value.  An attractive and informative display shows prospects that you believe in your prospect. A displays show your not afraid to advertise to get the right  investor\ buyer. IF your not asking much, then a bulletin board is fine, if you want to be taken serious then let talk.  A display  creates an environment to engage and aid in the closing process.    You have  3-5 seconds to leave and impression. ACT NOW!

- What captions do you want to use? Using inspiring\intriguing Statements.

- What are Investor core interest?

- Short term, long term investment? Present that data for that?

- What is your vision?

- What do you bring to the table?

- What are you looking for?

- What are they looking to invest for a premier prospect?

       Find out if they are open and serious.

- What researchhave you done?

- What the term of your lease or if you own?

- Do you  a few invest or buying options?

- IF you have and old Prospect, then rebrand or create better selling opens. 

Would you read a book without seeing advertisement or seeing an attractive book cover?


For Serious Sellers

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