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Custom Affordable Exhibit Rentals

Kits Offer Special Savings On

 Turnkey Packages

 - No Storage Fees

 - No Refurbishing Charges

 - No Personal  Property Taxes

 - No Capital Expenditures Costs

     - No  Yearly Insurance Costs

      - No Exhibit Maintenance Fee

     - No Check-in  or  Check-Out  Fee

     - No Disposal Fee

 - New Look Anytime You Want To Change

 - Creative Designer On Call For You

Star Displays Specializes in Trade Show Exhibits, Corporate Environments, and Event Management. Star offers affordable custom displays to engage and commit prospects utilizing our creative and strategic resources. Rather than merely selling and renting displays, Star creates an environment to convert lookers into buyers. Star listens to clients’ needs in order to understand their desires and to achieve bottom-line growth and success. Advanced Marketing Psychology is used to collect, develop and strategize this information into a plan that will deliver what prospects want. Star leverages its 24 years of creative insight and innovative technology by interacting and engaging prospects at a heartfelt level. Star helps you create a branding experience that will engage, persuade and motivate your prospects to respond. Tapping into prospects’ core internal values is the key to influencing and engaging them.

We want to be your marketing partner to help you stand out from the crowd and achieve an extraordinary return on your investment. You have to create an impression that will engage, intrigue, motivate, and close  your prospects to take action by the use of a flyer, table top display, pop-up display, graphics, custom trade show display, or an event.

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10’ Hi-Tech  Dye Sublimated


10’ x 48” Hanging Sign, Dye

Sublimated $ 1385.00

10’ Curved  Dye Sublimated

$ 1050.00

Podium Graphics, light, & Hard Case Are Extra

Achieve Bottom-Line Growth and Success with A Marketing Message / Look That Tells A Story


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